Description of Maschinery
Dough Sheeter JUWEL 5005 M
Limited in dimensions and price - however perfect and proven in technique - these are the new compact dough sheeters
Juwel 5005 K and 5005 M with shorter tables. These models of the new Juwel generation offer an interesting alternative for confectioner's, shops, smaller bakeries, large kitchens and restaurants. The Juwel 5005 M can be operated on each available table with machine is operated can be used for other purposes when the machine tables are tilted into resting position. In technical respect the models Juwel 5005 K and 5005 M are identical to the standard model with base Juwel 5007, only the drive motor is flanged on the top of the rollers because of the missing base frame. Both models execute laborious sheeting quickly and in best quality. The dough sheets are rolled out uniformly - a basic necessity for an optimum baking result and an improved production.
Working Width
Drive Motor
Net Weight
500 mm
1400 mm
840 mm
0,75 KW
106 kg
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